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S19 Silent Kit

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21ENERGY S19 Silent

With the 21ENERGY S19 Silent Kit you can operate your S19 with 8 instead of the usual 4 high-performance fans. The specially developed ventilation adapters allow 4 additional fans to be installed on the S19 Silent. This gives your S19 a much greater cooling capacity, the fans spin drastically lower than on the conventional S19 and it is therefore much quieter.

All parts necessary for the conversion are included in the scope of delivery.

S19 Silent Kit:

  • 2 pieces ventilation adapter
  • 4 additional fans
  • Additional fan splitter cable
  • Cable tie
  • all necessary screws
  • Aluminium sealing tape for the small corners

Power supply Silent Kit:

  • 3 Noctua Power Supply Fans 60mm
  • 3 pieces fan cable adapter


The Bitmain operating system does not recognise the additional fans and does not start mining. In order for the double amount of fans to be recognised, the Braiins OS+ is required. With this operating system, you also get the Autotuning feature, with which you can achieve efficiency increases of up to 20%. Installing Braiins OS+ is difficult or impossible depending on the controller board already in place. For this reason, we also offer the Silent Kit with an additional Beagle Bone control board with Braiins OS+ pre-installed.

Please ensure that your Antminer S19 model is compatible with Braiins OS+ before ordering.
The latest Antminer S19j PRO+ are not yet supported as of 01.08.2023. Braiins is working at full speed on this.

– Check compatibility here –

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