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Bitcoin Heater S9 mini

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Discover the Bitcoin Heater S9 mini from 21ENERGY – plug in, heat sustainably, mine and earn money*! Enjoy efficient heat and earn mining income at the same time with an innovative heater that combines performance, environmental friendliness and modern design.

  • Power: Up to 800 watts of heating power
  • Ease of use: Plug & Play commissioning for easy handling
  • Heating technology: combination of convection and radiation
  • Volume: Whisper quiet under 40dB at 500 watts
  • Design: Modern octagon design made of high-quality, matt black painted steel
  • Mining power: Up to 10 TH/s, efficiency up to 75 J/TH
  • Durability: Galvanized sheet metal for long-lasting, corrosion-resistant operation
  • Guarantee: extremely durable construction for many years – 1 year guarantee and very cheap spare parts available
  • Savings potential: Depending on your individual energy costs and Bitcoin mining profitability
  • Environmental friendliness: Up to 3 tons of CO2 savings per year compared to traditional heating methods
  • Safety: CE compliant
  • Origin: Developed and produced in Austria
  • Delivery: expected from the beginning/mid of December

Performance & user-friendliness: The S9 mini from 21ENERGY offers a heating output of up to 800 watts and enables uncomplicated plug & play commissioning for particularly easy handling. This combination of performance and ease of use allows for effortless use and optimal heat provision. Simple connection via WLAN and initial configuration only takes a few minutes. With the included instruction manual and a video tutorial, installation is very easy and child’s play even for non-technical users.

Heating technology & volume: Thanks to the innovative combination of convection and radiation, the heater delivers even heat distribution. Even with its high performance, the S9 mini remains extremely quiet and, with less than 40dB at 500 watts, ensures quiet operation that creates a pleasant room climate.

Design & Mining-Power: The striking octagon design made of high-quality, matt black painted steel not only gives the heater an aesthetic appearance, but also ensures robustness and longevity. With a mining power of up to 10 TH/s and an efficiency of up to 75 J/TH, the S9 mini Heater offers impressive performance.

Protection & Durability: The S9 mini’s air and dust filters provide effective protection against dirt build-up inside the device, protecting the internal hardware and extending the lifespan of the heater. The galvanized sheet metal ensures durability and corrosion resistance, which ensures reliable use of the heater under a wide range of conditions.

Mining Pool: The built-in Antminer S9 is compatible with various mining pools and operation in solo mining is also possible.

Operating System: The S9 mini comes with the Braiins OS+ operating system, which offers automatic optimization and increases efficiency by up to 30%. This auto-tuning feature enables improved cash flow and a higher hashrate of up to 30% with the same power consumption.

Savings potential: The heater’s savings potential depends on individual energy costs and Bitcoin mining profitability. Calculate your individual heating cost savings now with our profitability calculator.

Environmentally friendly & safety: Operating the 21ENERGY Heater can provide CO2 savings of up to 3 tons per year compared to conventional heaters, highlighting the environmentally friendly nature of the device. In addition, the heater is CE-compliant and meets the highest safety standards.

Origin: The S9 mini was developed and manufactured in Austria. This not only underlines its high-quality manufacturing, but also its commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability.

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 52 cm