Bitcoin Heater S19 by 21ENERGY
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Bitcoin Heater S19

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Brief description: (detailed description – see below)

  • Up to € 9,110 cash flow per year (48 months moving average)
  • Bitcoin heater consisting of a Bitmain Antminer S19 – the newest and most efficient Bitcoin miner gerneration
  • Innovative combination of convection and radiant heating: the upper part is pleasantly warm and provides radiant heat. At the same time, warm air flows out.
  • Modern design in the form of an octagon (8-corner) made of high quality steel, painted black matte (can be used as a bar table or side table). Height 102 cm, diameter lid 62 cm or housing 55 cm, weight approx. 60 kg High quality & durable construction.
  • The BTC Heater S19 can be operated with up to 2,800 watts and achieves up to 110 TH and an efficiency of 22.6 J/TH
  • Very quiet (at 1.6 kW – 45 dB)
  • Up to 9 tons of CO2 savings per year
  • The savings potential can be very high and depends on your respective energy prices. Calculate your personal heating cost savings with the profitability calculator.
  • CE-compliant
  • 2-4 weeks delivery time

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Detailed description of 21ENERGY Bitcoin Heater:

  • The Bitcoin Heater S19 contains an Antminer S19 and achieves up to 110 TH with 2,800 watts. This corresponds to an efficiency of up to 22.5 J/TH.
  • Very quiet (approx. 45 dB) at 1.6 kW
    The built-in Antminer S19 can also be operated with a higher wattage, but this increases the noise level.
  • Fan
    The Bitmain Antminer S19 originally has 4 pieces of 120 millimeter fans installed.
    We have replaced the 4 piece 120mm fans with the following two configurations:

    • Number of fans tripled – 12 of the original 120mm high-performance fans instead of 4
  • Air and dust filter
    Air, dust and acoustic filters are installed in the Bitcoin Heater on two levels. The dust filter on the bottom is easily accessible by flipping the Bitcoin Heater over and can be vacuumed if needed. These filters perfectly protect the Bitmain Antminer S19 from dust.
  • High heating cost savings potential
    The savings potential depends on the following two variables:

  • Innovative combination of convection and radiant heating
    The upper part is pleasantly warm and provides radiant heat. At the same time, warm air flows out.
  • Operating system
    The Bitmain Antminer S19 comes with the Braiins OS+ operating system. This operating system increases efficiency by up to 20% through autotuning. This means 20% more cash flow and hashrate with the same power consumption
  • Modern design
    The Heater has the shape of an octagon (8-corner) made of galvanized sheet, painted black matte (can be perfectly used as a bar table or side table).
  • High quality & durable construction
    The galvanized sheet is designed for very durable operation. Galvanizing perfectly protects the sheet from corrosion.
  • Dimensions & Weight
    Height 102 cm
    Diameter lid 62 cm or housing 55 cm
    Weight approx. 60 kg
  • Plug & Play
    Bitcoin Heater S19 is user-friendly and easy to put into operation.
    The heater has a LAN port and also comes with a WLAN repeater. So you can connect the heater to the Internet with LAN or WLAN as you wish
  • Mining Pool
    The Bitcoin Heater can be operated with any mining pool. Solo mining is also possible with the Bitcoin Heater S19.
    The Heater comes with a Braiins Mining Pool account. The installed Bitcoin Bitmain Antminer S19 are already completely pre-configured.
  • Up to 9 tons of CO2 savings per year
    compared to heaters based on other energy sources such as oil and gas – depending on the electricity mix used to power the 21ENERGY Bitcoin Heater….
  • CE-compliant
    The product is CE-compliant and approved for the whole EU.
    The device is grounded and designed for maximum safety. The installed air & acoustic filters have fire protection class B1 (flame retardant) and the fire load has been reduced to an absolute minimum (plastic fan heaters have a much higher fire load).
  • Made in Austria
    The 21ENERGY Bitcoin Heater S19 was developed in Austria. The high-quality black matte lacquered housing of the Bitcoin Heater is produced in Tyrol. All individual parts are assembled in Tyrol. Some individual parts such as the Bitmain Antminer S19, WLAN Repeater and other small parts are purchased externally and were not produced in Austria.
Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 62 × 62 × 102 cm
Antminer S19 with TH

Antminer S19 – with 96 TH