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Partner & Cooperations

is a platform focused on bitcoin education and energy consulting. A very special focus is on Bitcoin mining in combination with renewable energy and heat recovery. Through daily contact and constant consultations with companies, they are very good at assessing the demand for special products in the industry. We use these synergies together to develop innovative heating systems with high-performance computers.

21ENERGY and MIM use synergies in the purchase of hardware on the world market to offer better conditions to the customers of both companies.

is a fellow Tyrolean Bitcoin company where you can purchase 21ENERGY Merchandise and much more.

The Bitcoin Channel with Niko Jilch. He is a financial journalist, speaker and moderator. He has been studying our monetary and financial system, inflation, central banks, gold and, of course, Bitcoin for more than ten years.

At coinfinity, 21ENERGY customers can set up a Bitcoin withdrawal savings plan. This withdrawal savings plan allows you to have your heated bitcoins automatically paid out in euros to your bank account.

To activate the Bitcoin withdrawal savings plan with Coinfinity, please send us a short email to