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Cash flow heaters?

Plug in, heat sustainably, hash and make money*! This is the future of heating with Bitcoin heaters from 21ENERGY. In addition to waste heat, these produce a permanent cash flow by calculating 10 to 120 trillion computing operations per second using high-performance computers. In this way, you reduce your heating costs*, save tons of CO2, stabilise the electricity grid and at the same time ensure the sensible use of surplus renewable electricity.

From whisper-quiet heating systems for your living room to large-scale business solutions for commercial and industrial applications, we have the perfect heating solution for your needs.

Made in Austria

Niko Jilch travelled to our factory in Tyrol and looked over the shoulders of Max and Lukas as they produced our Bitcoin heaters. We spoke to him about the history & future of 21ENERGY. We have also explained in detail why 21ENERGY Bitcoin heaters can be worthwhile for almost everyone:

Die Bitcoin-Heizung aus Tirol - Besuch bei 21ENERGY

Known from

Austrian Blockchain Award 2023

Only four months after our founding, 21ENERGY was already nominated as the best Austrian Blockchain Start-Up 2023.

Our new product:
S9 mini

Heating capacity up to 750 watts
Calculations up to 10 TH/s
Efficiency 100%
Silent Heating as low as 40 dB
CO² savings up to 3 tonnes / year
Space-saving & lightweight 35 x 35 x 52 cm, 19 KG
Delivery from Beginning/mid-December

€ 460 / year Cash flow (48- months moving average)

Up to 10 trillion calculations per second

Highest efficiency thanks to latest hardware generation

Silent Heating: best suited for the living room

Bitcoin Heater S19

Heating capacity up to 2,800 watts
Calculations up to 120 TH/s
Efficiency 100%
Silent Heating as low as 45 dB
CO2 saving up to 10.8 tons / year

€ 9.110 / year Cashflow (48- months moving average)

Up to 120 trillion calculations per second

Highest efficiency thanks to latest hardware generation

Silent Heating: best suited for the living room

Highest customer satisfaction


Discover everything about us and our innovative Bitcoin heaters in words, sounds and pictures! Find out how our passion for advanced technology helps you to heat more efficiently, save money and why financial journalist Nico Jilch, for example, is enthusiastic about 21ENERGY.

"Das spart viel mehr Öl als ein Tesla" - Max Obwexer
Die Bitcoin Heizung für daheim und für den Bau - 21ENERGY Interview auf der Prag Konferenz
Energiewende durch BITCOIN Mining!⚡Panel vom Blocktrainer Beach 2023
Bitcoin-Mining ist VIEL besser als sein Ruf - Max Obwexer

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Partner & Cooperations

You can find everything about our partners and collaborations here:

Fully automatic payout to your bank account?

Sell the heated Bitcoins fully automatically and get the proceeds automatically transferred to your bank account every month in euros? Yes! With our partner Coinfinity, 21ENERGY customers can set up a Bitcoin withdrawal savings plan.

You can also use Bitcoin heaters to simply heat more cheaply, even if you are not (yet) a convinced Bitcoiner.
This means that companies can also use Bitcoin as a technology to heat more cheaply without having to add Bitcoin to the balance sheet.

To activate the Bitcoin withdrawal savings plan with Coinfinity, please send us a short email to

The new heating standard


We currently deliver our products to all EU countries, Switzerland and Norway (except Madeira, Malta & Cyprus). Register here for our waiting list for worldwide deliveries. We will then inform you immediately when we deliver to other countries.

The savings potential varies depending on the given energy prices. If applicable, the cost savings can be very high. With our profitability calculator you can calculate your individual heating cost savings.

All our products are very robustly built so that they last for many years.
Should a device still become defective in the first year, we will of course replace it and are also available for very favorable replacement parts at any time after one year.

Yes! The products are classic electrical devices. Thus, the usual precautions apply. All our products sold are CE compliant.

You can find detailed information about the individual products directly in the product descriptions, as well as in the respective operating instructions.

The Bitcoin Heaters may be operated with a maximum power of 2.0 2.5 or 3.0 kW as specified for the respective product.

Overclocking miners will void the warranty with immediate effect.

From 10 pieces we make you an individual offer. Please send us an e-mail to


Maximilian Obwexer, 21ENERGY Co-Founder & CEO

Maximilian Obwexer

Co-Founder & CEO
Lukas Waldner, 21ENERGY Co-Founder

Lukas Waldner




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